The Mini-Wave® is a cost-effective solution for localized selective soldering and is ideal for eliminating labor intensive hand soldering or for use as a rework and repair station. The Min-Wave® is available for lead-bearing or lead-free solders when optionally equipped with titanium solder nozzles, solder pot and impeller.


Equipped with maintenance-free pumps, digital PID temperature control and dual-speed solder pumps, the versatile Mini-Wave® is available with a complete range of positioning options and quick-change solder nozzles making it an ideal solution for a wide variety of soldering and de-soldering applications.

– Selective soldering
– Site-specific soldering
– Eliminate hand soldering
– Connector soldering
– Flex-connector soldering
– Multiple alloy soldering
– Static solder pot- Component removal
– Engineering change orders
– Component replacement
– Board or component recovery

  • Preheater station
  • Frame station
  • Custom nozzles
  • Complete station
  • Lead-free
  • AC or DC Motor
  • Stainless steel or Titanium


  • Lead-free compatible with titanium solder nozzles, solder pot and impeller
  •  A full range of positioning table and custom tooling options available to equip the Mini-Wave for any soldering or de-soldering application
  • An extensive inventory of quick-change single-point and multi-point solder nozzles are available
  • Maintenance-free solder pump and easy accessibility to all other parts
  • Programmable soldering time with multi-functional timer and digital PID temperature control
  • Dual-speed solder pumps: low speed serves as preheat to activate the flux and high speed is for soldering or de-soldering