With our experience on the shop floor and our client’s feedback, we were able to determine a common problematic that is impacting companies in the electronic manufacutring industry. 

The concept of obsolescence is well known and could not be more evident when we look at the programs that run the wave soldering machines. While most mechanical parts in older machinery are still good or easily replacable, it is not necessary the case fot the electric panel, the software and the electronic components such as the PLC. Specnor Tecnic has identified this issue as an opportunity to extend the life of a machine with minimal downtime and with all the benefits of newer technology.

A PLC Retrofit Kit from Specnor to fight the obsolescence

The PLC Retrofit kit is a cost-effective solution to upgrade an existing wave solder machine without the cost of purchasing custom made control boards or computers. It supports all machine functions and is easily programmed via a Windows10® based standard PC interface. Specnor Tecnic’s innovative PLC Retrofit kit is compatible with all major brands of wave soldering machines on the market today. The new software allows quick set-up for standardized connectivity in order to support our clients needs and vision of smart factories.

Some of the features include a new industrial PLC manufactured and supported by Siemens including a pre-wired electrical panel for easy installation, a Windows10® based standard PC interface, a user interface that can optionally allow a connection to the local company network (using the new standard for electronics manufacturing shop-floor equipment communication messages, CAMX) and finally, the system uses off-the-shelf electrical components replacing discontinued, difficult to source or obsolete control systems.

This new retrofit kit is compatible with all major brands and most popular models of wave soldering machines. It is a very innovative solution to a common problem regarding the software and the electronics of your machine.