The PLC RETROFIT KIT is a cost-effective solution to upgrade an existing wave solder machine without the cost of purchasing custom made control boards or computers. The PLC RETROFIT KIT supports all machine functions and is easily programmed via a Windows10® based standard PC interface.


Specnor Tecnic’s innovative PLC RETROFIT KIT is compatible with all major brands of wave soldering machines on the market today. The new software allows quick set-up for standardized connectivity in order to support our clients needs and vision of smart factories.

The PLC RETROFIT KIT can easily be adapted to multiple machine configurations. The interface is user-friendly so the operator can quickly and efficiently configurate the appropriate set-up. The Specnor Tecnic software supports and controls all of the following features:

  • Preheaters
  • Network connectivity*
  • Interior hood light
  • Light tower
  • Conveyor width
  • User interface
  • Solder pot wave
  • PID control
  • Motorized pot position
  • Finger Cleaner
  • Nitrogen

Compatible with all major brands and most popular models of wave solder machines

Network connectivity
*Contact us for more options


  • New industrial PLC manufactured and supported by Siemens including pre-wired electrical panel for easy installation
  • Fully supports all wave soldering machine functions and is easily programmed via a Windows10® based standard PC interface
  • User interface software allows connection to the local company network. It is compatible with the new standard for electronics manufacturing shop-floor equipment communication
  • Uses off-the-shelf electrical components replacing discontinued,difficult to source or obsolete control systems
  • Can be installed in all popular models of wave solderingmachines and field retrofitted inside of existing control cabinet