The TORNADO® convection reflow oven is a high performance reflow oven that provides outstanding thermal uniformity, excellent profile repeatability and a high coefficient of heat transfer ideal for lead-free soldering.


The Tornado 5, Tornado 7 and Tornado 10 are available with 5, 7 or 10 vertical heating zones and include many of the standard features you would expect in higher priced ovens. The Tornado is virtually maintenance free with low nitrogen consumption and electrical usage to ensure maximum production uptime.

Footprint: W= 54’’ H= 53’’

  • TORNADO 5: L=182”
  • TORNADO 7: L=212”
  • TORNADO 10: L=262”

Power: 220/240, 380/415, 440/480 VAC 60 KVA 66A/line @ 440 VAC

Exhaust: 320 CFM

Shipping weight*: 1,818kg (4,000 lbs)

5, 7 or 10 top and bottom forced convection heating modules
Max. Temperature: 300°C
2 forced convection cooling modules

20” conveyor width
Stainless steel mesh belt conveyor

Pin chain, edge rail conveyor
Combination pin chain/mesh belt
Center board support

Nitrogen inert process atmosphere
Adjustable metered gas controls
Gas cooling zone, re-circulating blower and heat exchange module
Integrated process gas analyzer

Windows®NT based software
Real-time system graphic animation
Connectivity option*

– Pin chain, edge rail conveyor
– Pin chain rail heating
– Combination pin chain/mesh belt
– Center board support
– Nitrogen ready package
– Inert atmosphere cooling module
– On-board refrigerated chiller
– UPS battery backup
*Contact us for more options


  • Forced convection heating with high coefficient of heat transfer for lead-free soldering
  • High output forced convection cooling modules ideal for lead-free reflow soldering
  • Available mesh belt conveyor, pin chain edge rail conveyor, combination pin chain/mesh belt conveyor or optional center board support
  • Optional nitrogen inert atmosphere, process gas analyzer, external water chiller, on-board refrigerated chiller or UPS battery backup