Are you considering an upgrade for your wave soldering machine from lead to lead-free? It is easy to get lost in the conversion process and determining compatibility can be a time consuming and expensive experience. Here are 10 important questions that you should ask in order to make the right decision

1. Corrosion resistance

Are the base metals of your solder pot, flow ducts, solder nozzles and impellers resistant to the corrosive effects of high tin content lead-free solder alloys?

2. Consistent Performance

Does the performance of your unprotected impellers and solder nozzles degrade over time due to erosion and the aggressive nature of high-tin lead-free solders?

3. Impervious Materials

Are the base materials used for your machines impellers, solder nozzles, flow ducts and solder pot impervious to the effects of continuous tin scavenging?

4. Wear Parts Replacement

Are the impellers, solder nozzles, flow ducts and solder pot replaced with parts that will withstand prolonged use and eliminate periodic replacement?

5. Optimized Solder Flow

Have your solder nozzles been redesigned to provide longer contact time and reduced temperature drop? Is the fall height reduced to minimize dross generation?

6. Solder Alloy Compatible

Are your present solder pot and internal solder pot parts truly compatible with all lead-free solder alloys? What is the longevity of your present materials?

7. Machine Compatibility

Is the retrofit method you are considering compatible with all major brands of wave solder machines on the market? Does the supplier offer on-site installation?

8. Solder Pot Protection

Does your present solder pot provide long lasting protection against lead-free corrosion? Is it surface coated and will it degrade due to de-dross scratching?

9. Field Retrofittable

Can the retrofit method you are considering be easily installed at your location with minimal downtime? Does it require an exchange of the entire solder pot?

10. Competitively Priced

Is the retrofit method you are considering competitively priced? Does it provide impervious base metal parts at a price comparable to a surface coated alternative?

What can Specnor Tecnic offer?

Specnor Tecnic offers a unique and cost-effective solution. You can now upgrade your new or existing wave solder machine for lead-free operation with a lead-free retrofit kit. There are multiple benefits to upgrading to our titanium kit. It is highly resistant to corrosive lead-free solders and offers consistent performance without periodic replacement of wear parts.  Our unit is fully optimized for a perfect flow and it is also compatible with all lead-free and tin-lead solder alloys. It can be installed in all popular models of wave soldering machines and be field retroffited without even exchanging the solder pot.

The lead-retrofit kit includes the following parts and assemblies:

  •  Titanium impellers and solder pump assemblies
  • Titanium solder nozzles
  • Titanium flow ducts
  • Titanium solder pot liner
  • New temperature switches and solder level sensors
  • All other parts in contact with molten solder made of titanium

We have the ability to customize the kit to fit our clients needs. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.